Obesity Surgery Wa

Specialist anaesthetist, Specialist general surgeon

Last updated: 21/09/2018
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Obesity Surgery Wa

Specialist anaesthetist, Specialist general surgeon



Anaesthetists, Laparoscopic & Obesity Surgeon, Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon, • Dietitian, Practice Nurse


Obesity Surgery Wa is located in MANDURAH and provides the following services: Specialist anaesthetist, Specialist general surgeon.

About Obesity Surgery Wa

Obesity treatment plans are customized for the individual and will depend on clinical evaluation, existing treatment modalities and most importantly the patient’s desires. Navigate to know more info obesity surgery treatment Any obesity-related medical concerns that have arisen will be addressed. At this consultation you will receive an information pack regarding weight loss strategies, dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice and the surgical options available to you. You will be encouraged to read this information and raise any questions at your subsequent consultations with our team.

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