Dr. Srihalasya Borra



Thornton Dental

Thornton Dental, 9/1 Taylor Ave Thornton, NSW 2322
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Dr. Srihalasya Borra is a Female Dentist practicing at Thornton Dental in Thornton.

Dentist Thornton, Cosmetic Dentist Thornton, Dental Implants Thornton, Teeth Whitening Thornton, Dental Clinic Thornton, Orthodontics Thornton, Emergency Dentist Thornton Dr. Sri has completed her Bachelors in Dental Science in the year 2007 and she completed her OTC Training at The Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne (DHSV), after Qualified as a General Dentist, Registered in Australian Dental Association (ADA). Since then she started working in Public, Private and Community Dental hospitals and gained extensive knowledge and hand on skills and exceptional experience in all sorts of the Dentistry. Over the past 10 years combined of overseas and Australian experience she practiced dentistry in Melbourne & Newcastle. Melbourne Experience allowed her to experience in advanced dental techniques using the latest generation equipment and technology. She have used this experience to design and build own practice at Thornton. She enjoys spending time with patients educating for dental hygiene & treating the dental problems to bring the smiles on the faces. And she knows the importance of up to date training of new techniques of surgeries, technologies & equipment to provide the better care for the patients and attends continues development programmes & seminars. She is confident with surgical and non surgical Procedures and Implants, Restoration & cosmetic Procedures. Outside Dentistry she plays Violin for relaxation, practices YOGA and plays and loves to spend time with her Family & two little ones.